Every instrument, whether student model or professional model, is treated with responsibility and great care.
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The rental period is without a time limit.
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We also have carefully selected clarinet accessories: Mouthpieces, barrels and bells.
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Basel Woodwind Workshop

My passion for music and wind instruments was instilled in me by my father about 25 years ago.
Since my first, more intensive encounter with music I have always had the opportunity to meet gifted and special people who dedicate themselves to music in extraordinary ways and can pass on their knowledge. I could profit tremendously from them and I am grateful for this chance. During my musical studies, I have not only developed my own skills as a clarinet soloist, but I have become interested in the mechanical and functional aspects of musical instruments.

At the end of my musical studies, with the recommendation of my clarinet teacher François Benda, I had the chance to meet a person who is well-known in the world of woodwinds and who was willing to share his knowledge and expertise with me. In a relatively short time I acquired the most important information on the functions and the materials of wind instruments and gained insight into these special instruments through René Hagmann.

So out of my desire to practice this special art as a woodwind maker – besides my own love of playing and teaching the clarinet – I founded the Basel Woodwind Workshop. In this way I can also support my fellow musicians.

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Claudiu-Marius Danciu

Claudiu Marius Danciu - Basel Woodwind Workshop

Present during the repair process

If customers wish to be present during the repair process, very specific and personal modifications can be made in direct collaboration.

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